Things that are great!

  1. Cool looking buildings
  2. Lizards
  3. Hats
  4. Lizards with hats

    Lab 2 Questions

  1. What is a server? How is it different than a standard computer?
    • A server is a computer that is meant to store information, instead of being used as a day to day use device.
  2. What are the tags needed for HTML tables?
    • "tr" defines a row, and "td" defines a cell. These are the two major ones we have learned so far.
  3. What does an iFrame allow you to do?
    • An iFrame allows you to access another website through a bit of code on another site.
  4. What does the "a" tag do?
    • It allows you to put links in your website, in the form of text or embedded in a picture.
  5. What does the "tr" tag do?
    • It adds a row to a table, as the "tr" stands for "table row".